Where Can I Buy It?

Finding a plot can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Where Can I Buy It?

Finding I plot can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But being proactive and exploring all your possible options can increase your chances of finding that needle!

We have provided you with a number of different routes of enquiry when searching for your self build plot:

  • Land finding agencies are a good place to start. Various websites hold large databases of self build plots. These websites include Plotfinder and PlotSearch by Buildstore. However often these websites will not have plots in your ideal location and may require you to be fairly flexible with the exact site of your future build.
  • Auctions can also offer excellent self build opportunities. You would be ill-advised however to purchase a plot at auction without extensive background research beforehand. Visit our what to look out for section for advise on the biggest pitfalls encountered when buying a plot.
  • Estate agents are perhaps the most obvious place to look for a potential plot, and can prove a fruitful place too at times. You should be warned however that in many cases estate agents can be fairly difficult to deal with when it comes to selling plots for self build. In the majority of cases estate agents are far more willing to sell to developers. They then receive commission not only on the sale of the land but also on the sale of the resulting houses the developer builds. So if you decide to pursue this route it is crucial that you take the lead. Get to know the estate agents and make regular visits to ensure they know you are serious about finding a plot. Your persistence may well mean you get shown plots that really they’d rather you didn’t see as they were being marked for sale to developers.
  • It can pay to check with local authorities and the land registry, if they have plots for sale they may not be particularly well advertised. It goes without saying that land appropriate for building is in high demand, hence it is important you speak to as many authorities as possible to identify potential plots.

As you can probably gauge from what has been said so far, whichever route you decide to pursue none of them are going to be straightforward. Perhaps the best piece of advice is to pursue as many as possible.

Be proactive in your search, often people identify a plot just by going and looking themselves in areas they might want to build. Talk to people from those areas, whether it be in the pub or the newsagents, local knowledge can often give you a few clues to finding your perfect plot that would otherwise stay hidden.

Most importantly don’t be defeated, your plot is out there and hard work, patience and flexibility should pay off in the end.

If you have read our sections; What can i buy and Where can I buy it, then you are well on your way to finding your perfect plot. Before you jump in and sign the contract you would be well advised to read our section What to look out for. It highlights all the pitfalls there can be if you don’t do your research thoroughly.

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