Reducing Your Role

If you are worried that project management just isn’t for you, it most certainly does not mean your self build dream is over

Reducing Your Role

If you are worried that project management just isn’t for you, it most certainly does not mean your self build dream is over. There are a number of different paths you can take, with varying levels of involvement, to take the pressure off yourself.

It does mean bringing the professionals in, and will result in extra expense. But on the other hand it will reduce the stress you experience, make it easier to stick to schedule and allow you to carry on with your day to day life.

So what options do you have when choosing to take more of a back-seat role in your project:

Project manager:

You could opt to employ a project manager, who will work on a consultancy type basis to oversee your build. Ask around and look for someone who comes with glowing reports, whoever you choose is likely to have a wealth of knowledge both locally and of the industry.

Although this knowledge comes at a price, it should allow them to make significant savings on both subcontracting and supplies. Reported regularly to be in the £1,000s if not £10,000s. Alternatively you may have the option of your architect taking the role of project manager. This will also come at a premium price, but their knowledge of your individual build is likely to result in a high quality final product.

Single contractor:

Alternatively you can employ a single contractor to oversee your build, bringing in subcontractors when required. This makes the whole process run more smoothly, as any problems encountered are the contractor’s responsibility. This option tends to result in more deadlines being met, as it is in the contractors interest to make sure this is the case. The relative ease and punctuality of this option does come at a price, often costing between 20-40% more than if you managed the project yourself.

Package company:

This is probably the most flexible option of the three discussed, allowing you the broadest range of possible involvement.

When package companies are mentioned it is often uttered simultaneously to the “turnkey” approach, and that is one service they do offer. It allows the self builder to be supported every step of the way, from planning advice through to completion. It suits those with a hectic lifestyle, as once the design phase is complete it is only necessary to have barely any involvement until completion.

Alternatively the self builder can decide to choose a part finish option, where the package company aids in the design phase as well as supplying and erecting the main structure. The rest of the job, including ground works before the structure is put in place and fitting of the house after erection of the structure are to be completed separately to the package company.

This can be a very attractive option as it is less expensive. You are also, in many cases, able to use the package companies knowledge of the industry to employ subcontractors and purchase materials for the rest of the self build.

If having read this article the idea of having little involvement in your self build leaves you rather unfulfilled, read our section Taking control. It will guide you through what it requires for you to take a hands on approach to your self build project.

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